Antion mcGee law group best known as PLLC is a law firm that has specialized in fighting for the safety of asbestos related injury of their clients. The five star firm is located in Mongolia county west Virginia 341 chaplain road in Morgan town WV 26501. This small but effective firm is headed by two learned, licensed and experienced attorneys Victoria Antion Nelson and Scott mcGee. The founders and their staff are courteous and passionate personnel whose main goal is to ensure clients are protected from devastating personal injury, make compensation easy and fast with best possible outcome.

They boast of over ten years experience and in-depth knowledge of asbestos and legalities concerned. As such, they have dealt with more than 100 successful cases of talc powder and ovarian cancer clients. The firm that opens its doors at 9am and close by 6pm have an extraordinary way of taking client’s cases with such a personalized relationships that their fame has spread far and wide. They serve 44 more counties apart from Mongolia. Their reviews reveal how satisfied their clients are after the whole process.

The firm does the thorough work of finding the sources of asbestos exposure, history, work and household in order to make evidence based investigations. They leave nothing to chance thanks to their experience and sharp identification of circumstances leading to asbestos exposure. They are sure to fight tooth and nail when representing their clients to ensure they get their rightful compensation. Due to this, almost all of their cases have been a success.

Apart from helping those that have had to endure the painful consequences of asbestos exposure gain compensation, it also represents those that have had to endure the negative side effects of dangerous pharmaceuticals in the medical field.

It is a great referral for that friend, relative or family that has suffered for long pursuing justice. With them the case is as good as won for they do not guess, they work. Let them get in touch today.


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