bus accident

Any time you board a bus, you are handing over the control of your safety and security to the bus driver and Bus Company. Bus drivers must undergo extensive training and licensing before they are allowed to drive to ensure that passengers are not in danger. However, bus accidents can still occur for a variety of reasons.

Even with professional training, bus conductors can still make mistakes. Additionally, a bus company that fails to take proper care of its buses and associated equipment is putting its passengers in danger, no matter how safe the driver. And, road construction companies that leave out hazards or fail to mark dangerous roadways may also contribute to the likelihood and severity of accidents. No matter if you use the bus for daily transportation to work or school, or if you choose to travel by bus for long distance trips, you should be aware of the risk of bus accidents. Los Angeles bus accident lawyers at Custodio & Dubey, LLP are here to help during bus accident

Bus Crashes

Bus accidents may involve the bus alone, or may involve other vehicles or pedestrians. Each year, thousands of bus accidents are reported, resulting in just as many injuries and hundreds of fatalities. Bus crashes can be caused for a variety of reasons, including:

• Failure of bus parts. Mechanical failure can occur if a bus is old and has not been maintained and repaired properly over time. Some parts may fail not out of overuse but because they were designed or manufactured in an inferior manner.

• Driver error. Bus drivers who drive across the country may suffer from fatigue and make preventable errors. City bus drivers may make mistakes in traffic that ultimately end in an accident that could have been avoided.



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