Park City Family Lawyer

Odds are if you are in need of finding a family lawyer, you need one who is well versed in many different aspects of family law. This is because often times different areas of family law that get intertwined with each other. For example, if you and your significant other break up and you had a baby and you are looking for a court ordered agreement for child support, the other parent might take that opportunity to fight for child custody as well. You would want a Park City family lawyer that you could count on for both aspects. Same thing goes if later down the road you need to get the child support modified you’d want to have that same lawyer help you out. Family law cases can be very complex as well so it is very important to hire a lawyer from Smoak Law, P.C. a Park City family law firm that really understands each aspect of family law.


Family law can also get all mixed together in a divorce case. In a divorce case you would want a lawyer in Park City would could handle anything that was thrown into it. Such as property division, division of assets, child support, child custody, and even alimony. These are all things that can come into play in a divorce case. It is very important to contact the Park City family law firm, Smoak Law, P.C. to help you. They have the best lawyers in the area, with the best kind of experience in family law cases.

Portland Car Accident Lawyer

When you are driving along the road there is a very high chance that you will see some sort of accident on the road. It could be a minor fender bender and the cars have pulled off the side of the road in Portland, or it could be a major accident that shuts down the freeway. Each time you get in a car you are subjecting yourself to the chance of witnesses or being in a car accident. Law Offices of Jonathan M. Friedman are a personal injury law firm in Portland who understand that even the best drivers can be involved in car accidents. You could be following every single traffic law, but all it takes is for one driver to not be, and they could crash right into you.


Car accidents are very common and so are car accident injuries. While you are hoping to never be in a car accident, you have to think about what if you are? You have to think do you have a lawyer you can trust to represent you? Do you have enough money to pay those medical bills? That is why you hire, Law Offices of Jonathan M. Friedman’s Portland car accident lawyers. They are trustworthy personal injury lawyers who have handled so many car accident cases that they know how to get you the compensation that you need in order to pay for all those medical bills. Their law firm is there to help you. Law Offices of Jonathan M. Friedman are a Portland personal injury law firm that are dedicated to helping you get the help you need.