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Newsletter Informational (client) mailing is a way to stay in touch with all your customers and partners and stimulate recommendations and repeated requests. They talked in detail about mailing management in previous chapters. Welcome kit and letter for new customer This is a paper tool, in a format similar to a marketing kit, but with slightly different tasks. It eliminates consumer repentance and works to create and build customer loyalty to your business. Attorney Marketing Network focuses on helping lawyers with their marketing.


You can also manage customer expectations with it. Including, exceed their expectations, if he did not expect to receive detailed material from you, but received. A welcome kit reduces confusion, calls with questions. If you are in the welcome kit, assign the instruction with a description of how the case usually goes, what stages it includes, what stages, what are the pitfalls and what needs to be done at one stage or another, what does the lawyer at one stage or another. You bring clarity to the consciousness of the client, and he will already be less worried, will be more relaxed and more satisfied, and will not call you with various clarifying questions. You can use review management to get your clients to leave reviews on your social media platforms.

Attorney Marketing Network – Drives You Qualified Traffic

Pay-Per-Click (PPC) marketing for attorneys can attract a wide targeted audience to your law firm’s website. Generally used to enhance your SEO strategy, PPC guarantees one more opportunity for converting online traffic into new potential leads for your law firm.¬†At Attorney Marketing Network, our pay-per-click marketing for lawyers incorporates the following features:

Optimum ROI

Your PPC campaign is designed to gain the maximum return on investment by bringing in the right targeted traffic and converting it into new potential customers and revenue for your law practice.


No gimmicks. No claims of overnight success. You need to pay only when your ad is clicked. And we present you with detailed and easy-to-understand monthly reports which show average cost-per-click, prospects from chat, e-mail and call-tracking, as well as keyword/phrase performance.


We keep track of how your hard-earned dollars are being spent on your pay-per-click campaign, and we customize your strategy based on your goals. Every recommendation and suggestion we make when formulating a PPC campaign for a law firm is centered around the overall performance reports and tracks.

At Attorney Marketing Network doesn’t just develop PPC strategies; we build responsive website designs that display flawlessly on whatever gadget your customers are using, from smartphones to personal computers. We concentrate on streamlined design principles that look great, but more essentially, they convert targeted traffic into leads.

The Value of Legal Directories for Attorneys/Lawyers

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